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Popular vamp author Michele Hauf has gone over to the angels, at least for now. The author of Dark Rapture (Zebra, '97) has signed on with Luna, Harlequin's new
fantasy imprint, to produce a trilogy set
in medieval France.

The first book, Seraphim (May), concerns the battle between good and evil: Evil is personified by fallen angel Lucifer de Morte and his demonic henchmen; good is a knight in shining black armor who just happens to be a woman, Seraphim d'Ange. Sera is avenging the death of her family by "kicking some derriere," as Hauf puts it.

After reading Angels: An Endangered Species by Malcolm Godwin, Hauf began to speculate: "If an angel fell to earth, would they—or should they—remember their heavenly origin? Would they retain their celestial powers? Would they mourn the loss of heaven? How easily would they corrupt?"

Writing of angels and faeries instead of vampires isn't that much of a stretch for Hauf, who says all her stories lean toward the different. "Fantasy is reality with embellishments," she says. "The embellishments may be fangs, dragon scales or faerie wings. I like to write them all!"

But Hauf, who is a Vampire Vixen, hasn't forgotten her bloody beginnings. "I happen to have a very sexy 18th-century vampire who is very ready to bite—er, 'entice'—
a willing publisher."

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