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Vicki Hinze

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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If the military wanted a soldier to have a spouse, itd issue them one. Im not sure who first said that, but there is a grain of truth in itthough not for the reasons you might think.

The number one vulnerability of soldiersespecially those in special operationsis family. Its their Achilles heelthe one soft spot in their lives that is nearly impossible to defend against attack. This creates challenges for the military, for the soldier, and for the soldiers family.

Its one such attack that I explore in Shades of Gray. As the wife ofa former Special Operations officer, I have encountered situations guaranteed to turn hair gray; situations that never occur to the average person because theyre so alien to everyday life. Just imagine

Its a normal day. Youve called into the office with blue flu because youre up to your armpits in dirty laundry and youve got 12 kids coming over for a birthday party/sleepover in less than seven hours. Your husband comes home from work for lunch, which is a little odd, and hands you two pieces of paper. You see that they give power of attorney. Unlimited and limited. No expiration dates. Youve seen them before. With a lump in your throat, you watch him pack his bags and ask, Where are you going this time? He replies, I cant say.

You understand this. Many of his missions are top secret. When will you be back? He drops a kiss to your lips. I dont know, honey. Now, you know this man. You look into his eyes and see his worry, and it triggers your own. He leaves the house. And as you watch him go, you pray it isnt the last time in this life youll see him. Or that your children will see him.

And as you click the buttons on the TVs remote, tuning into CNN to see where in the world the current hot spot is, you wonder how youre going to convince the kids, the in-laws, the neighbors and friends that your husbands abrupt departure is a routine training mission, planned for eons. You also wonder how youre going to entertain those 12 kids for a sleepover by yourselfwithout them guessing that youre terrified.

These situations happen and this one happened to me. Thinking about it, and about what could have happened, is how Shades of Gray was born.

Not all of the experiences in a military life are traumatic and terrifying. Some are funny. Some are tender and somewell, youll see.

I hope you enjoy Shades of Gray. Theres a sneak preview (a first chapter excerpt) on my website at I loved writing it, and after reading Anne Stuarts commentsa wonderful combination of romance, family drama and out-and-out thriller. A terrific read.I was so charged up, I just had to write a second military-theme novel.

Duplicity, Im happy to report, will be published next April. Please e-mail me from the website, or write to me at P.O. Box 235, Niceville, FL 32588-0235. I love hearing from you!

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