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Karen Whiddon

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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More Than Skin-Deep

Author Karen Whiddon is living proof that novel ideas often come when you least expect them

"It was a bright, sunny day last spring as I dejectedly flipped through the mail, including the season's new swimsuit catalogue. Newly diagnosed with skin cancer and facing surgery, I had just been told I could no longer go out in the sun. No more laying out on a raft, no more perfect tans. And no more cute colorful swimsuits.

"A pity party of one, that was me. And then I started thinking. This wasn't so bad. At least I could still venture out in the sun, duly coated with SPF 45. What if I had been told I could never let the sun even touch my skin? What if brilliant sunrises or romantic sunsets were forever prohibited?

"And so Deirdre of the Cliffs, Shadow Dancer extraordinaire, was born. Forbidden by an ancient curse, all her life, Dierdre had dreamt of seeing the dazzling light of day, but she must be content with her dreams of a golden stranger. When Egann of Rune rides into Deirdre's village on his massive white war-horse, she is not afraid. Together, they are two halves of a whole.

"SHADOW MAGIC (Leisure) was an intensely personal book for me. Love and passion, light and darkness, their joining created a magic that both touched me and freed me to be grateful for my own joyful life. No, I never did buy that new swimsuit, but I had the surgery. I bought a huge umbrella and, well-shaded, I still sit by the side of the pool with my own hero, my beloved husband, Lonnie. Life is good."

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