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Serendipity. The ability to make fortunate, although purely accidental, discoveries. Thats what the dictionary calls it, but to me, serendipity has been the impetus to my writing career.

What else could it have been that caused me to pull Edward Ormondryoyds Time At the Top off the shelf of my elementary school library? It was my first time travel, and it marked me for life. I half-believed it was real, and the majority of my childhood fantasies consisted of me traveling back to a more exciting time.

When I was writing my own time-travel (the next-best-thing to actually traveling back in time) my research had several serendipitous turns. I wrote of a child, very ill of diphtheria, during Christmas of 1863. While researching, I discovered that a real child of the same age had suffered from diphtheria in December of that same year in the house on which my fictional house is based.

Even the name of my hero, Confederate soldier Stuart Elliot, came to me serendipitously. Originally named Jonathan Elliot, I didnt think it sounded historical enough. While visiting the towns visitors center, I opened up one of their books on the towns history and saw a list of men from Roswell who had fought in the Civil War. My eyes were immediately drawn to the name of Stuart Elliot, age 30, and my hero was born.

In my book, IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON, it is serendipity, in the guise of a rare celestial event, that brings Laura Truitt 150 years into the tumultuous past and into Stuarts arms. But it is a timeless love that will ultimately keep them together.

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