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Jayne Ann Krentz

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Got a minute? Sit down, have a cup of tea, and Ill tell you whats going on in my world. My summer has been just as busy as yours. Whatever happened to those so-called, lazy, hazy days?

Lets see, I guess Id better start with the news about the paperback edition of my last hardcover, Sharp Edges, which went on sale in August. Talk about your mis-matched lovers! The heroine, Eugenia Swift, is the director of a glass museum. Shes into art, lattes and trendy Pacific Rim cuisine. The hero, Cyrus Colfax, is a private investigator. His tastes run to beer, tuna fish sandwiches and aloha shirts.

It takes murder and a missing piece of 3,000-year-old art glass to convince both of these stubborn characters thatjust maybetheres some truth in the old adage about the attraction of opposites. One things for certain: If they dont join forces to outwit the killer, theyll both wind up very dead.

My new hardcover, FLASH, goes on sale in September. (Look for another of the striking Art Deco style covers Pocket Books has created for my books). What does a determined woman do when she discovers that a stranger controls 51 percent of the company she was supposed to inherit? Olivia Chantry obviously has a big problem on her hands. His name is Jasper Sloan. From the start of the feisty business dealings, the so-called partners nearly crash and burn. They are suspicious of each others motives and they disagree on just about everything. But theres a blackmailer at work, threatening to reveal secrets that both of them have fought hard to conceal. And when extortion turns to murder, they know their only chance to stay alive is to work together.

The other bit of news Ive got for you concerns the re-release of one of my Harlequin titles, The Waiting Game. The reason this is especially interesting is because the book has been made into a film, which is evidently scheduled to debut on The Movie Channel in August. I say evidently, because I dont know much about it. (No one tells the author these things.) No, I dont know if the film follows the story. (No one showed me the script.) No, I dont know if the characters in the movie will resemble those in the book in any way. No, I dont even know if the film ends the way the book does! Im told thats the way it is when books get made into filmsthe author just holds her breath and hopes that there will be some vague resemblance between the novel she wrote and the film that got made. Stay tuned

Thats it for now. Thanks for dropping in and thanks for reading my books. Another cup of tea?

Write to me c/o Pocket Books, 1230 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10020.

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