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Mary Jo Putney

Genre: Regency Period, England, Historical Romance

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Shattered Rainbows

Charles Dickens once said, "make them laugh, make them cry, and make them wait." For a romance writer, this means that if you're doing a series, save the darkest, most irresistible hero for last!

The subtext of my Fallen Angels series is the kind of supportive, emotional relationship that is rare among men. My four Fallen Angels became friends as schoolboys, creating among themselves the family they all badly needed.

Certainly Michael needed his friends. Estranged from an abusive father, toughened by years of warring with Napoleon, he almost self-destructed when caught between conflicting demands of honor. But all that is behind him when SHATTERED RAINBOWS opens. He is healthy, prosperous, at peace with the world and himself, and ready to marry any nice woman with a sense of humor and no major vices.

Naturally I couldn't allow that. Those of you who read Angel Rogue (April '95) may recall that the heroine, Maxie, met Michael at a party and observed that "he flirted very nicely, but his heart wasn't available." Now we find out why. It seems that when Napoleon escaped from Elba, Michael didn't just rejoin the army; he also fell in love.

Catherine Melbourne was a battlefield nurse nicknamed Saint Catherine for her courage and compassion. She was warm, beautiful, and kind to small animals, particularly a basset hound known as Louis the Lazy. Naturally this paragon had a shortcoming, namely a regrettable husband, and both she and Michael were entirely too honorable to reveal their mutual attraction. Being pragmatic, he said goodbye and got on with his life.

But Michael and Catherine did become friends, and a year later, when the widowed Catherine needs a pretend husband, she turns to Michael. However, she is less than candid when she asks him to accompany her to meet an unknown grandfather on a wild island off Cornwall, and in the best tradition of historical romance, chaos and danger follow. By the time the dust settles, Michael has atoned for any past sins, and he and Catherine have found the passionate, joyous love they deserve.

Is this the end of the Fallen Angels? Well, yes and no. I've just finished the story of Michael's army friend Kenneth, who appears in SHATTERED RAINBOWS, and that is tentatively scheduled for release in November '96. I also developed an unexpected interest in Michael's brother, Stephen, the Duke of Ashburton. But that will be the end, I swear!

I enjoy letters from readers. Write to me at P.O. Box 243, Ridgewood, MD 21139-0243. An SASE is appreciated.

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