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When my children were small, we spent nine months living in an old summer house on the Little Miami River in Ohio. It was a beautiful piece of land, covered with oak, maple, sumac and wildflowers. The air quivered with wild bird songs, and the sound of the river was so sweet that I still hear it in my dreams.

It was, quite clearly, a place of spirits.
I could almost hear the soft tread of moccasins in the grass and the echoes of drumbeats, chanting voices. Once, this land had been the home of the Shawnee. They had hunted and fished here, raised their children and buried their dead.

Years later I read their history. Woven into the tale of their legendary chief, Tecumseh, was the story of Blue Jacket, a white youth who joined the Shawnee, became a great war chief, and married a white captive. The story haunted and fascinated me. Out of this fascination, SHAWNEE BRIDE was born. But this is not Blue Jackets story. It is set in an earlier, gentler time, a generation before the tragic war that crushed the Shawnee people.

My hero, Wolf Heart, is Shawnee to the depths of his soul, though he was born white. One day, if he proves worthy, he will be a great chief. To lead his people wisely he knows he will need a strong womana Shawnee womanat his side.

Wolf Hearts life is turned upside-down when he rescues Clarissa, a fiery, 17-year-old wildcat, from river pirates. Duty-bound to take her captive, he soon discovers that she has captured his heart.

But the pampered Clarissa is determined to escape. Only after traveling a long and heartbreaking road will Clarissa find her destinyas the strong, passionate woman she was meant to be.

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