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Jennie Klassel

Genre: Historical Romance

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Find out what happened to SHARI BOULLION and JENNIE KLASSEL,
LEISURE'S first ever co-winners of the New Historical Voice contest!

Former registered nurse Shari Boullion and former teacher/actress Jennie Klassel, the co-winners of Leisure and RT's second annual New Historical Voice contest, are now the proud mamas of debut romances from Dorchester Publishing. Boullion's historical, A Stolen Time, received a favorable release in July, and now co-winner Klassel gears up to tickle funny bones with SHE WHO LAUGHS LAST (Aug. '03), a medieval romance about a heroine who refuses to play the proverbial "damsel-in-distress," despite restrictions for women in that era.

Dorchester editor Kate Seaver remarked that Klassel's "unique writing style, which showcased a wonderful sense of humor, well-developed characters and an interesting, original plot" set SHE WHO LAUGHS LAST apart from other contest entries. And Klassel couldn't be happier. "The likelihood that our manuscripts will find their way from the bottom of the slush pile to the desk of a sympathetic editor is slim indeed," she says. "This contest offers a real possibility
that such a miracle can actually happen!"
Looking back upon a senior thesis she'd written for college, Klassel had a head start on research. For that thesis, she had tried to right many misconceptions about women in that period. "Given the secondary role most of them played in the great affairs of the day, they were remarkably ingenious when it came to standing up for themselves," she says. "My heroine, Lady Syrah, uses the strategic cunning she learned at the chessboard to outwit a king, an army, a mercenary and the man of her dreams."

Now hard at work on a sequel, tentatively titled GIRL ON THE RUN, Klassel says, "Since I'm inclined to slip in
a bit of fantasy here and there, it has a whiff of the paranormal and an intimation of time travel."

And the contest has yielded yet another published author. Runner-up Karen Lingefelt will see her first title, TRUE PRETENSES, on store shelves in November.

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