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Sheik Daddy

My February book from Silhouette Romance, SHEIK DADDY, is the first of Silhouette's super fabulous fathers books. Starting this year Silhouette plans four books a year featuring a "fabulous father" who is just a bit larger than life.

The story has a sexy sheik, a secret baby, and a single mother who once loved so deeply, she's afraid to try again.

I used a lot of my own background in the setting, as I grew up in Arlington, Virginia, right across the river from Washington, D.C. Our capital city is such a glamorous setting, it was perfect for a sheik with all the trappings that go with Arabian royalty. The story has embassy parties, meetings with the president and a gala event at the Kennedy Center. I even used the C & O Canal in one scene, a place I went canoeing as a teenager. My husband and I visited there recently, so I had plenty of current material to give the setting as much accuracy as possible. When you see the scene at The Old Post Office, you'll know what we had for lunch!

The lives of Roeuk and Megan touched on my own. They met at the University of California, Berkeley, (where I graduated from) many years ago. Until recently I lived in the San Francisco area, and I would occasionally take my daughters to visit my old alma mater. To those readers who are Old Blues, I hope Roeuk's and Megan's fond memories bring back some of your own.

It was fun and a bit different to write about a fabulous father who was also a strong brooding hero, thwarted once long ago and determined to never let it happen a second time. He had his hands full with Megan, however. But he's up to the task and love always triumphs. If you like Roeuk as much as I do, he does have some brothers...

I enjoy hearing from fans and will reply if you include an SASE. If you wish to receive a newsletter or bookmark, please write: P.O. Box 977, Pioneer, CA 95666-0977.

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