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At times I feel like Ive got the best job in the world. And its something I never would have considered a job when I was a child, especially since it bears an amazing resemblance to some of my favorite childhood activities. I plot my books (this was called daydreaming), I can look up facts and details to my hearts content (I even liked research way back when), and I get paid to put words in the mouths of my imaginary friends. This is a pretty good deal, although I enjoyed my job even before I got paid for doing it.

Its been such a pleasure to hear from those of you whove read Heart of the Dragon and To Tame a Warriors Heart, my first two books. And Im thrilled by the attention and questions about some of the secondary characters in those books. So I hope youll be pleased to hear that the hero of THE SHIELDED HEART, my December Harlequin Historicals release, is none other than that handsome, humorous Norseman, Swen Siwardson.

How can you not love a man who laughs in the face of danger,who is a true and tender friend, and is drop-dead handsome as well? Thats part of Anna de Limoges dilemma. Swen is the one man capable of distracting the skilled and beautiful enameler from her art and luring her from her cloistered existence into the pleasures and sorrows of the world around her.

Can she resist a lovable rogue like Swen? Can you? I hope youll keep an eye out for THE SHIELDED HEART, the third book in my newly-named medieval series, the lEau Clair Chronicles.

And for those of you whove asked about Rannulf and Gillian, Im hoping that their story will soon be part of the Chronicles too.

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