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Colby Hodge

Genre: Futuristic, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Three-Headed Writer Pens Futuristic Fable!


"My interest in the stars goes all the way back to Star Trek," confides futuristic romance author Colby Hodge, whose latest book is this month's Shooting Star (Love Spell). "I was such a junkie that I wrote fan fic in junior high and prayed that I would be reincarnated so
I could experience it myself."

In a way, the author has made her dreams of reincarnation come true: "Colby Hodge" is actually one of two pen names used by Cindy Holby, who entered the historical romance scene with the 2002 western Chase the Wind (Leisure). Holby's other incarnation is Kassy Tayler, a young-adult writer. She writes under three names because her chosen genres are so different, and she finds it "easier on my historical fans, easier on the promo.

"I would say Kassy is a lot different from Colby and Cindy because of the YA voice," Holby/Hodge continues, adding that since she's a character-driven author, it doesn't matter to her what time frame she writes in.

Shooting Star, book two in Hodge's Star series, is a "futuristic version of Witness," according to the author. "My hero, smuggler pilot Ruben, is searching for his missing brother when he's shot down over a planet that shuns technology," she says. "He's found injured by Tess, a slave woman with a 6-year-old son who witnessed a drug deal ... I don't want
to give away any more of the plot after that," she teases.

The North Carolina resident is contracted for one more Star book and has two others plotted out, but for the moment, she's wearing the Cindy hat. "I'm working on Rising Wind, which is the preface to my Duncan/Wind series and is set right before the Revolutionary War," she says. "It's centered around the Battle of Point Pleasant, which is a little-known but very important battle that occurred in October 1774 in the town where I grew up." A West Virginia town where, a couple hundred years later, a little
girl watched the stars and dreamed. -- Liz French

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