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Robert B. Parker

Book Title: SHRINK RAP
Genre: Private Investigator, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Author's Message

Sunny Randall, P.I.

There's a new girl in town—Grand Master of Mystery Robert B. Parker's latest, most intriguing sleuth, Sunny Randall. The daughter of a cop, Sunny is a complex and intelligent woman. Her ex-husband, Richie, is the son of a gangster, which causes a few problems—most notably, their divorce—though the two still love each other passionately. Sunny, Richie, her best friend Spike and dog Rosie have previously appeared in Family Honor and Perish Twice (now in paperback). SHRINK RAP brings her toughest case yet, as Sunny puts her life on the line to protect a romance writer whose psychiatrist husband is stalking her.

Why a female P.I.? Sunny was "conceived at the behest of Helen Hunt to be the subject of a franchise series of feature films," Parker explains. "The movie deal, like so many others, went south. But the book was so successful that my publisher urged me to continue."

However, Parker emphasizes, "I wouldn't have undertaken the project did I not have the advice, counsel and regular input of the girl of my dreams, and main squeeze, Joan Parker. She has been invaluable in several ways.… We have been married since we were 23, and I have had a chance to observe her and learn about the complexities of being female all that time. Also, while the things which divide us are nowhere as important as the things which unite us, there are uniquely female perspectives for which I need her help. For instance, I know what men think of when admiring an attractive woman; what do women think of, concretely, when admiring attractive men? On a more mundane level—What's it like to put on pantyhose? What about makeup? What do you call a particular kind of hairdo? So at the most sophisticated and the most elementary, Joan is—as is true of all other aspects of my life—the only certain necessity."

Obviously, Bob Parker is not only an extremely talented writer—he's also a true romantic!

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