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C.J. Barry

Genre: Paranormal, Romantic Suspense

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The Art of the Name


An art thief with a heart of gold and a debt to repay and
a cop determined to make his partner's killer pay, don't exactly have a lot in common with stories set in outer space -- even if they both have plenty of heat, romance and mystery. So it may be no surprise that when C.J. Barry, an author of futuristic romances, decided to give a contemporary story a whirl, she did so by adopting a pen name -- Samantha Graves. The result is Graves' April romantic suspense release, Sight Unseen (Warner Forever).

Romantic suspense "is radically different from my futuristics, so I really wanted to make sure there was a designation between the two genres," Graves says about the name change. "I would never want to disappoint a reader, to have them pick up a book and realize it's not what they expected it to be."

Graves says she chose the pen name because "I just love
the name Samantha. I think if I had a second daughter her name would be Samantha." As for Graves, well, Samantha and Graves just seemed to go together, she explains, adding that "I don't know anybody by that name."

Sight Unseen follows art thief Raven, who has psychic abilities, as she matches wits against a killer who seems to want some art only she can get. Along for the ride is Detective David Maddox, who's also caught in the killer's web, but for different reasons. The book is the first in a two-part series. Book two will focus on Raven's sister, Jillian, and is due out next year.

Playing a crucial part in book one is Raven's psychic ability -- she can sense people's emotions and feelings when she touches objects they've handled. Adding a psychic element, Graves says, is a "carryover of the paranormal. That's always an element that fascinates me in books that I read and write. I think I just put it in there naturally. I didn't really think about it that much.

"I love how it added depth to the character," she continues. "Her ability really defines what she became, and I wanted to explore how that affected her character." --Faygie Levy

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