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Leslie Glass

Genre: Procedural, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Leslie Glass

June is the month for brides…but in Leslie Glass's suspenseful new novel, THE SILENT BRIDE, they're targets for a deranged killer. The victims have nothing in common—one bride is from a wealthy Orthodox family, another is a socially prominent WASP—but all are marked for death as they walk down the aisle. NYPD Det. April Woo, along with her lover and colleague Lt. Mike Sanchez, race through a post-9/11 NYC on high alert—from Chinatown to the Bronx to the tony Upper East Side—to catch a killer before another young woman's life is snuffed out.

April's personal life eerily collides with the case, as her beloved "sister-cousin," Ching, is getting married soon, and therefore at risk. Meanwhile, Mike has decided he's waited long enough—he wants a commitment, now. April loves him, but fears her old-style Chinese mother, Skinny Dragon, would rather see her dead than married to a non-Chinese. Never fear, April can handle it all in this riveting, romantic, high-adrenaline read. Say "I do" to THE SILENT BRIDE!

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