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Debra Webb

Genre: Silhouette Bombshell, Series

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Debra Webb's heroine in her Silent Weapon series for Silhouette Bombshell isn't a typical adventure romance heroine. Merrilee Walters, the star of Silent Weapon (March 2005) and Silent Reckoning (December), is deaf. But that doesn't stop this dynamo from investigating cases, going undercover and kicking butt as a homicide detective.

Webb, who used earplugs and heavy headphones to block as much sound as possible while penning the stories, was inspired to create Merri after seeing many of her own friends and family face and overcome their own potentially debilitating conditions. "My own daughter, Erica, was born severely physically handicapped," she says. Erica has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, a birth defect that affects the muscles around the joints. "But she refused to allow her own weaknesses to hold her back and played on the high school basketball team in spite of her inability to bend her elbows or to raise her arms higher than shoulder level."

There's no known cause for the disease, but Webb says, "Erica came into this world a fighter. A number of problems presented themselves at birth and doctors said she would likely not make it through the series of operations required to save her life. When she did, the surgeon told me, 'This little girl came to stay.' She is an absolutely amazing and inspiring young woman who never gives up." Webb dedicated the new book to her own personal heroine. She notes that Erica and Merri are perfect examples of the quintessential Bombshell heroine: "A woman who not only rises to meet life's challenges but who refuses to settle."

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