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Kat Martin is a born achiever. A hometown girl from Tulare, California who grew up on a limited budget, Kat supported herself through college, where she double majored, enjoyed a successful career in real estate, and is now known to millions of readers as their favorite author. Her secret: pursue the dreamreverently, persistently, and with no holding back.

We were a low-income family and that drove me a lot, says the trim, fit, bubbly 52-year-old author, the daughter of a truck driver and a homemaker. We were poor, and I always said that was not going to be for me. My mom and dad always said, you can do anything you want to, and Ive been pretty successful at most everything Ive done. I think its because of my mother and father providing that confidence.

Life is strange, says Kat, who never even thought of penning a novel until she was 38.

When she first set her mind to writing romance, Kat became obsessed. I wanted to do this so badly. I didnt sleep or eat, she says. Rather than mailing her first three chapters and an outline to an agent, she drove on a whim to the agents office in Beverly Hills. Imagine, there I was in my black leather outfit. It was really cool in Bakersfield when I left, but when I got there I was totally sweating and shaking so bad. I just wanted this agent to sign me. I marched up the stairs to her office and when I got to the top, I thought I was going to lose my voice. I blurted out, I just happened to be in the neighborhood and I thought Id drop this off.

Next thing she knew, Kat was being flown to New York, where she got a fairly big push on her first book, Magnificent Passage (Pageant Publishing), a western romance, which she scribbled out on a notepad. I was doing okay with westerns. But Gypsy Lord, my first Regency [St. Martins, 92], was a turning point for me. I started hitting the bestseller lists with Sweet Vengeance [St. Martins, 93] and Devils Prize [St. Martins, 97].

Kats crowning success came at the Romantic Times 16th Annual Booklovers Convention in Toronto, where she won the Career Achievement Award in Regency Historical Romance. One of the other perks was being photographed with and signing books for Mr. Romance 1999, Harvey Stables, and Readers Choice winner Rob Moratti, both hunky, aspiring cover models.

However, the one man who impresses Kat over all others is her husband, author Larry Martin, whom she met while they were both working as real estate brokers. Today, they brainstorm ideas and travel together to promote their novels. For some couples, this might create friction. For the Martins, it creates fiction.

Readers will be thrilled by Kats newest release, SILK AND STEEL (St. Martins, Feb.), the story of Lucien Montaine and Lady Kathryn Grayson. Lucien first appeared in Nothing But Velvet, Kat explains. He was the best friend of Jason Sinclair. After that book came out, I received dozens of letters asking for Luciens story. Tall, dark and a little forbidding, Lucien was definitely hero material.

It took Kat several years to find the
perfect mate for the arrogant aristocrat who believes he wants a docile little wife and is determined never to fall in love. Kathryn, being exactly the opposite of everything he believes a woman should be, seemed exactly right! Lucien first meets Kathryn when she is caught hiding in the back of his carriagean escapee from a mad house! Not only will she do anything to keep from going back to that horrible place, she is in terrible danger from the greedy uncle who put her there to steal her fortune. Theres no doubt readers will be positively mad for SILK AND STEEL. I hope readers will look for Lucien and Kathryns adventure and enjoy watching the sparks fly! Kat says.

Despite all her success, Kats still
a hometown girl at heart. She prefers the quiet sanctuary of her writing studio at their Montana ranchwhere wild turkeys and deer come right up to her windowsto the shine of the spotlight. The evidence is in the warmth, intricacy and depth found in Kats writing; she spins heart-warming tales that can keep you reading far into the night. Beware, howeveronce you pick up one of her books, you
wont be able to put it down. Thats the Martin magic, and this month its captured in SILK AND STEEL.

Visit Kats website at, or write to her
at 1001 E. Broadway, Box 2-414, Missoula, MT 59802.

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