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Christiane Heggan

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Silver Lining

The story of Baby Jessica and the adoptive parents who fought to keep her moved me deeply and stayed with me long after the sad tale had ended. What would it feel like, I wondered, to have your child taken from you? Would you do something desperate?

That story and those questions led me to write SILVER LINING, my fifth novel for Onyx. San Francisco restaurateur Diana Wells has it all-a little boy she adores, good friends, and a new restaurant that promises to be a huge success.

Her perfect world is turned upside down when the child's biological father-wealthy, powerful Travis Lindford-reappears into her life and tells Diana he's suing her for sole custody of his son. Intent on winning the case, he enlists the help of a top-rated attorney by the name of Kane Sanders. Kane's long friendship with the Lindfords and the tragic loss of his own son following a long and bitter custody battle make him perfect for the case.

The situation is further complicated when Travis is found murdered. The San Francisco community is stunned as everyone asks: "Did Diana Wells kill Travis Lindford?"

Here's an excerpt from Diana's first encounter with Kane...

Diana Wells sat at her desk, surrounded by a mountain of cookbooks, menus and catalogs. As she leaned forward, a stream of sunlight fell over her hair, making it look as if it were on fire.

"Are you and your wife having second thoughts about the sole?" she asked in a friendly tone.

"Jackie is my secretary. And no, we're not having second thoughts about anything. The food was perfect. And so was the service."

With a pleased smile, she indicated a chair across her desk.

"You're not a competitor, are you, Mr. Sanders? If you are, I must warn you. My recipes are not for sale."

The light, friendly chatter was unexpected. And pleasant. There was something exciting about her, an energy, an undercurrent Kane found both startling and seductive. Foolishly, he found himself wishing he weren't here on business. "You have nothing to fear from me in that department," he said, watching her hair shimmer in the sunlight. "My culinary talents are limited to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and soup from a can."

Her mouth curved into an understanding smile and he decided that now was as good a time as any to level with her. "Actually, I'm an attorney."

The change in her was instantaneous. The green eyes chilled, seemed to grow darker. "Whose attorney?"

"I represent Travis Lindford."

This time her expression turned stony. "Kane Sanders. Of course. The name was familiar but I didn't make the connection."

"I thought we could-"

"Does Travis know you're here?"

"No. But I'm confident that if I go back to him with a decent offer on your part, he'll drop the custody suit."

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