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Kristine Grayson

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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It's a charmed world that Kristine Grayson's characters live in, as she returns with the fourth in her popular paranormal series that takes unusual twists on fairy tales and myth. With a "POW," "BANG" and "ZOOM," Grayson takes on comic book superheroes in SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE (Zebra). As a young mage with new powers, Dexter Grant made the mistake of rescuing someone in front of other bystanders. (In fact, Dexter was the model for Superman, even though they got it all wrong… .) Dex is retired when Vivian Kinneally, a comic-book-collecting psychic, finds him, claiming she has some Fates who need his help. Dex fears the three Fates are trying to trick him back into the biz, but he's in even greater danger! This hero just might lose his heart to Vivian.

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