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Jerri Corgiat

Book Title: SING ME HOME
Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Jerri Corgiat

WHO IS SHE? Jerri Corgiat is the person to call if you want to know where the most romantic spot in France is, or to ask what it feels like to be stung by multiple Egyptian sandflies (a strange but valid quandary
if you're planning a trip to Egypt!). After a 20-year career in the travel industry, Corgiat has seen the world and now wants to write about it. So where do you think her debut novel is set? In her own backyard, of course. Readers can journey to the lakeside community where Corgiat spent her childhood summers—the Ozarks.

WHY WE LIKE HER: For giving us him, the famous, sexy country singer saddled with an aristocratic-sounding name, Jon Van Castle. He's a divorced single dad who discovers in SING ME HOME (Signet) that mega-fame can't
buy him everything, especially when an intriguing bookstore
owner, Lilac O'Malley Ryan, doesn't seem to know who he is.

WHAT'S NEXT? Look for the second book in Corgiat's O'Malley Sisters trilogy, Follow Me Home, this November.

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