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Tiffany Reisz

Book Title: THE SIREN
Genre: Erotic Romance, Erotic Fiction

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Author's Message

I love rules. I especially love the cracking sound they make when I break them. 

Shortly after The Siren came out in ebook, I received a message from a fan that asked me my favorite question—“How did you get away with writing a book like The Siren? So many rules broken!” She wasn’t referring to the controversial content (no, I won’t tell you what it is but there’s a whole lot of it and I’ll probably eventually get excommunicated for it) but to the copious rule-breaking in the book. Not law-breaking although my heroine does do a bit of that. She meant genre rule-breaking. The ending isn’t a traditional HEA. The heroine, not the hero, is the adventuring Alpha with all the hidden knowledge and sexy secrets.  On top of that, the heroine has sex with three and a half people (you’ll see why she only gets half-credit for one of them). You can’t do that in a romance novel. Heck, you can’t even do that in an erotic romance novel. So how did I do it? 

The Siren has three key features: 

Multiple love interests.

An Alpha heroine.

Secrets, hidden knowledge, something like magic.

If you have those ingredients in a book, then very likely you’re reading an urban fantasy novel. And that’s exactly what The Siren is. Except instead of witches and wizards in L.A. or vampires and werewolves in St. Louis, I have kinksters in New York. No supernatural creatures in my world, but the characters are unnaturally attractive and practice the dark arts of BDSM, which they use to manipulate, empower, punish, and redeem themselves and others. 

The Siren is book one in The Original Sinners series. The main character, Nora Sutherlin, is an erotica writer by day and a Dominatrix by night. Solving one problem in book one leads to a new problem to be tackled in book two which turns her world upside down in book three…and if you want an HEA you have to hang on to the very last page of the final book and crawl on hands and knees through Hell to get there. 

My reader who loved The Siren but didn’t know what to make of it deserved an answer to her question. 

How did I get away with writing a romance novel like The Siren that broke so many rules?

Easy. This is not a romance novel. And I didn’t break any rules. I made my own.

- Tiffany Reisz

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