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The Sky's the Limit for Tori Carrington

Tony and Lori Karayianni, the husband-wife writing team of
Tori Carrington, know what it is to be tested. They'd been doggedly writing for 13-plus years, accumulating 27 full and partial manuscripts and a thick stack of rejection letters, before their first book was published by Harlequin Temptation in 1999. And with that one book, suddenly everything changed.

Each book that followed Constant Craving generated
more momentum. More contracts, more readers, more awards. Constant Craving was a finalist in the 2000 Golden Quill contest for Best First Book as well as a Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice nominee for Best First Series Book. Their second release that year, License to Thrill, was also nominated for two awards. Their 2000 and 2001 releases became notable books among category romance: Just Eight Months Old (2000) hit Waldenbooks's Top Ten Series bestseller list two weeks running. For Her Eyes Only (Mar. '00) became a surefire winner, taking home the 2000 Holt Medallion Best Short Contemporary award, the 2000 Orange County Orange Rose Award for Best Short Contemporary and was a 2001 Golden Quill finalist. Never Say Never (2001) received the 2001 Dorothy Parker Award for Excellence—the list goes on.

Steadily rising, Carrington has gone from two- to three- to four-book contracts in 2001, and now this year they'll release seven titles (six books plus one online serial.)

What's behind their rapid rise on Harlequin's roster? Anywhere you go, the buzz is the same. Readers and reviewers consistently rave about their characters and of course, lots of sizzle. This is the magic that brought Tori Carrington to life with their first release.

"Anyone can write a grammatically correct, mechanically clean piece," Lori says. "But will that piece move you, much less your potential readers?" No. Instead, "You have to crawl into your characters' hearts and stay there until you know their most intimate thoughts, desires, goals, fears, everything that goes into making a character a person. Then trust yourself enough to write their story."

Everything for this writing team comes down to character, even the page-scorchers they write. "We believe a very important part of any character's make up is his or her sexual identity, regardless of the line or publisher and whether the extent of the interplay is a chaste kiss oozing with sensual tension at the front door, or a wild tryst right then and there on the front steps. WE just happen to feel that the wild trysts are much more fun to read and write, and writing them adds a new, more contemporary and challenging dimension to the romance genre."

You can test their theory this month with Tori's latest Harlequin Temptation sizzler, SKIN DEEP. "We had an unqualified blast getting our heroine, Kyra White, into all sorts of trouble when she transforms herself from a mouse into a bombshell overnight and yanks the rug out from under her best friend Michael Romero's feet!"

Next month brings more sensuality, as Tori Carrington joins
the Trueblood Texas team as part of a Harlequin Blaze miniseries starring PI Zach Letterman.

To learn more about the writing team of Tori Carrington, visit or write to them c/o Harlequin Books, 300 E. 42 St., 6th floor, New York, NY 10017.

2002 Calendar


Former secretary Ripley Logan will do whatever it takes to make it in her new career as a P.I. Only she hadn't counted on being forced out of her room (her bathtub, actually) by bad guys—or crawling between the sheets with a stranger to avoid them. Still, she has a job to do and she intends to do it—just as soon as sexy Joe Pruitt decides to
let her out of his bed!

May 2002 — A STRANGER'S TOUCH (Harlequin Blaze)

First in the Legal Briefs trilogy focusing on three female attorneys and best friends determined to have it all. Dulcy Ferris has always had an active fantasy life but never acted on it—until she finds herself alone in an elevator with oh-so-sexy Quinn Landis. There's just one problem: Dulcy's engaged to marry somebody else.

August 2002 — SKIN DEEP (Harlequin Temptation Heat)

After getting publicly dumped—again!—Kyra White is making some changes. And picking up the latest makeover book, Sex Kitten 101, is her first move toward a new life. Suddenly, she discovers it works too well; every guy she comes across wants to take her to bed—including her best friend Michael!

September 2002 — EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE (Harlequin Blaze)

In this installment of the Trueblood Texas Miniseries, businessman turned P.I. Zach Letterman didn't expect his first case to be easy. But he never dreamed the real challenge would be keeping his hands off his sexy new partner, Mariah Clayborn. The seasoned P.I. had said she'd take Zach under her wing, promising to show him the "ins and outs" of the detective business. Only Zach has no idea what else Mariah intends to show him!

November 2002 — WHAT A WOMAN WANTS (Silhouette Special Edition)

The second book in their unnamed miniseries for SSE set in the fictional town of Old Orchard, Ohio. (The first was The Woman For Dusty Conrad, Oct 2001.) When Sheriff John Sparks spends one wild night with Darby "The Widow" Conrad, not even he can predict the comically disastrous results. A sexy and heartwarming twist on the unexpected pregnancy theme.

December 2002 — FIRE AND ICE (Harlequin Blaze)

In book two of Legal Briefs, criminal defense attorney Jena McCade gets more than she bargains for when she seduces ex-hockey player Tommy "The Wild Man" Brodie into her bed. But can lust ever lead to love?

Online: FebruaryMarch 2002

IN TOO DEEP was an online serial starring the sister of the heroine in SKIN DEEP. What happens when Alannah White discovers that the way to Ben Edwards's heart isn't through his stomach but via more intimate means?

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