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When I received the call from my editor asking me to become a part of the new Harlequin Blaze line, it was like a dream come true. Writing for Harlequin Temptation has been, and still is, one of the highlights of my career, but here was an opportunity to be able to expand upon the sexy books I love to write and create a character that doesnt exactly fit into the norm. The result of this exciting new endeavor is deep cover FBI agent Chase Bracken.

Chase is a loner, a trait that makes him the perfect man for the worst assignment the FBI has to offerto bring in a fellow deep cover agent gone bad. But his only link to solving the case is the agents sister, Destiny Dee Romine.

Dee is overwhelmed by the new high school coach in town. Chase seems to have infiltrated her life, her senses, her bodyin a short time.
Shes breaking her own rules and letting emotions sway her. And Dees certain hes done the same. Yet something doesnt add up. Dee has her own secrets, but Chase always gets his manor woman, even if it means SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY.

I hope you enjoy Chase and Dees romance. Be sure to look for the sexy sequel to SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY, titled SEDUCED BY THE ENEMY, available from Harlequin Blaze in April 2002. You wouldnt want to miss Jared Romines and Justice Department Attorney Peyton Douglas steamy road to romance as theyre forced to work together to clear Jareds nameprovided they can survive the heat.

I love to hear from readers! You can send me e-mail at, or write to me at P.O. Box 224, Mohall, North Dakota 58761.

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