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Kathleen Kirkwood

Book Title: A SLIP IN TIME
Genre: Time Travel, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Autumn, 1893—

On a dark and stormy night… Scotland is the last place Julia Hargrove wishes to be. Arriving at Dunraven Castle on a storm-battered night, she is unaware of the keeps astonishing secreta portal between times.

Lodged within the heart of the ancient castle, Julia welcomes its warmth and security. Yet in the depths of the night, time mysteriously slips, and she awakens to discover herself abed with a virile Highland chieftain straight out of the 15th century…

Parapsychology has long fascinated me. When I happened across a collection of accounts involving an intriguing but little known phenomenon called a "time slip," my imagination fired, and Julia and Rae's story came to life.

Theoretically, during these "slips," time shifts and a doorway or window opens between the past and present--or between the present and future, depending on one's perspective. Though the occupants on both sides still feel rooted in their own times, they are able to observe one another and, in some instances, interact. A great deal is yet unknown about this phenomenon, and it remains a theory in psychical research circles. Happily, this very lack of definitive knowledge allowed me a wide berth for creating my own "rules of time."

Join Julia and Rae and Dunraven Castle, a place shrouded in mystery and shadows. Here their passions are able to breach the very barriers of time. But also here, intrigues on both sides of time threaten to part the lovers forever.

This received an RT Top Pick! Visit Kathleen, aka Anita Gordon's website at or write to P.O. Box 445, Parker, CO 80134.

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