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Donna Julian

Book Title: SLOW DANCE
Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Donna Julian Does a SLOW DANCE

I discovered very early that life is a Slow Dance of unexpected turns, provocative dips, seductive notes and surprising changes in tempo. I once danced in a perfect world: Raised in privilege, yet well-grounded with the roots of my grandparents' humble origins, I was secure and confident in my ideal corner of the universe. By age eight, I could retell a story of callouses easier earned than a dollar by wildcatting in Texas oil fields, and had already executed a flawless curtsy before England's Prince Phillip.

My teen years offered up boarding school in Vienna, holidays in Innsbruck, Paris and Rome, summers in my family chalet on Lake Zurich and partying in Majorca. I danced a waltz in the arms of a deposed heir to Spain's throne and smoked a cigar mischievously at an Embassy gala with pals such as Knight Kiplinger, scion of The Kiplinger Letter family.

Tragedy destroyed it: My fairy tale, crystal-fine world was chipped and cracked with my older sister's prognosis of schizophrenia at 17, then shattered by the death of my younger sister just before her 16th birthday. Love put it together again: The man I married was balm, adhesive and crutch while I healed.

I found my happily-ever-after. I'm not a jet-setter. My home is prosaic Missouri. Joy is the simple pleasures I share with my family and friends or create with writing. Nothing can restore the blissful naivete of my youth, but I survived and won.

I share a kinship with Lily Hutton and Sash Rivers, my protagonists in Slow Dance. They too, remember life's sweetness at its best just as they are keenly familiar with the bitterness of loss.

Lily is sensuous and tenacious to a fault. Sash is haunted and sexy as hell. Theirs is the stuff heroes and heroines are made of. But they're not perfect. They're human. They hurt and they bleed. They fear and they hate. Finally, they lust and they love.

Sash and Lily's story is one of intrigue and murder, complex twists and turns, and thrilling changes in tempo as the mystery unfolds. Ultimately, it is the discovery of love and passion that exists only in the most intimate Slow Dance.

I am proud to announce that Slow Dance is a December (1995) release from Signet. Next, my novel Mirror, Mirror will be out in fall 1996.

Write to Donna c/o Penguin USA, 375 Hudson St., NY, NY 10014.

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