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From Childhood Fantasy To a Grown-Up Book
I love snow globes. I can remember shaking my first one as a little girl and being fascinated by the miniature blizzard I had just created. The scene inside intrigued me, too. I’m a Seattle girl born and raised, and the first snow globe I ever owned was one that had the Space Needle in it. I didn’t stop with that one though. I’ve owned all kinds of snow globes over the years, including a gigantic one containing Santa and his elves. Snow globes with angels always rank as my favorite because they make me think of miracles.

And for me Christmas is the season of miracles. It’s also my favorite time of year, so the idea of writing a Christmas book that featured a snow globe really appealed to me. I longed to write a story that would be heartwarming and encouraging and maybe even become a holiday classic. And let me tell you, my first idea was a real tear-jerker. I LOVED it. My agent and editor . . . not so much. They sent me back to the drawing board and suggested I write something a little more in the style of what my readers have come to expect. In other words, something a little less heavy with a trace of humor.

I hope that’s what I’ve done with The Snow Globe, which is about an unusual snow globe that three friends stumble on in an antique shop. This particular snow globe is one that has been passed down for generations, always managing to land in the hands of someone in need of a Christmas miracle, and it shows each woman exactly what she needs to see to fix her life. (Wouldn’t we all love to own a snow globe like that?) I think it’s a fun read, and I hope it will encourage readers to be open to possibilities and change, just like it does the three friends in the book.

The character of Kiley is not in a good place when she stumbles on a magical snow globe in an antique shop. She’s lost her job and her boyfriend has dumped her for her sister (not exactly a recipe for a happy holiday). But the snow globe gives her a glimpse of her Mr. Perfect and a truly happy ending . . . if she’s willing to go after it. It shows her friend Suzanne exactly what she needs in her oh-so-perfect, overscheduled life. And it even has hope to offer to the third friend, Allison, who, thanks to a family that puts the fun in dysfunction, is not exactly looking forward to being home for the holidays. All each woman needs to do to change her future is be open to the possibilities, to believe. I love that message!

My wish for you is that, like Kiley, Suzanne, and Allison did in The Snow Globe, you’ll see a future filled with new possibilities. And that you’ll get through the holidays with your waistline intact!

- Sheila Roberts 

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