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Anne Rainey

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Erotic Romance

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Author's Message

I’ve always enjoyed writing about real people. I’m intensely curious about the studious woman behind the counter at the library or the busy clerk at the grocery store checkout. They have problems just like the rest of us. Family they don’t get along with, bill collectors hounding them, bad hair days and car troubles. The thing is, I have this crazy need to dive into their world. I want to toss a bit of the wild at them and watch what they do with it, ya know? I ache to give these hardworking ladies a delicious hero and see how they handle him

In So Sensitive, Gracie Baron’s life has never been fair. She, better than anyone, understands that disappointments are par for the course. Her mother left when she was little and her father is an alcoholic. Unconditional love isn’t something she’s terribly familiar with, nor is a trouble free existence. Gracie works two jobs simply to keep her head above water. And just when she begins to see the light at the end of the tunnel, Gracie learns that she has a secret admirer. A rather deranged secret admirer. In fact, after reading yet another creepy email from the guy, this time threatening bodily harm, Gracie knows she’s in big trouble. The question running around in her head now is how on earth she, introverted wallflower extraordinaire, managed to catch the attention of a psychopath at all.

Overwhelmed by the stress her drunken father constantly thrusts at her, combined with the revelation that her lunatic admirer isn’t simply going to go away because she wills it, Gracie begins to cave under the insanity that has become her life. In the middle of a rare crying jag, in walks the delicious Wade Harrison. He’s sexy, strong, and more than capable of sending her heartbeat racing with a mere smile. He’s also a private investigator intent on protecting her—with his own body if necessary.

Okay, maybe yummy PIs aren’t run-of-the-mill. Big, hard men with guns strapped to their bodies aren’t exactly living next door, after all. Nevertheless, Wade sort of pushed and prodded me until I found myself handing Gracie over to him. Heck, he all but demanded to be the one to sweep the shy, overworked woman off her feet. I, um, sort of couldn’t resist the big lug.  

Sitting back and watching the fireworks between these two strong-willed people? Nothing short of pure delight, I must admit!

- Anne Rainey

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