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Teresa Medeiros

When readers pick up a Teresa Medeiros novel, they never quite know where the author will take them. A love story set in the Wild West, a Regency paranormal and a medieval fairy tale are just
a few examples of the stories that this author has told.

But the one thing readers can count on is that Teresa's stories will always leave them smiling.

After meeting the author, I am pleased to report that in real life Teresa is
just as charming as any of her books.

With her blonde hair, blue eyes and a ready smile, she seems to have a lot in common with her plucky heroines. So where do the brooding bad boys come from?

"The heroes are really just as much a reflection of the author as the heroines," Teresa confesses, noting that she shares a rule-breaking spirit with the men in her books. It is this rebellious nature that often gets her characters in trouble.

Teresa notes that her stories definitely have their drama. "Someone needs to be saved or they are not going to make it." And that someone tends to be the arrogant hero being rescued by the fair damsel.

"The heroine comes in and brings the light and love back into [the hero's] life and makes him believe again," Teresa explains.
Strong women, brooding men and true love. Is it any wonder that her books are on my keeper shelf?

For more insight into Teresa's writing, you can view her
entire interview at and check out
Some Like It Wild (Apr., Avon) the sequel to last year's
Some Like It Wicked.

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