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I am about to be marriedand am of course in all the misery of a man in pursuit of happiness.

Lord Byron

Kipp Rutland, if he were to use todays vernacular, would probably say to Lord Byron, Im hearing you, bro!

We first met Kipp Rutland in Waiting for You. Young, rich, good-looking, and most unfortunately, in love with his best friends wife. It is now the following spring, and Kipp has heard word that his good friends, who are visiting in America, are on their way home. They will arrive just in time to ask Kipp to be godfather to their first born.

So, being an inventive sortand Kipp certainly ishe sets out to find a wife. What better way to hide his lovelorn state from his good friends?

Kipp wants a gentle wife, a good little thing, obedient, passably pretty, and intelligent enough to know that this is strictly a marriage of convenience. There are many of this sort of female in Londonif we remove the intelligent requirement, which Kipp soon finds out when he courts Miss Edwardine Backworth-Maldon. However, the chits aunt, Abigail Backworth-Maldon, a plain, rather outspoken widow, is intelligent. And maddening. A woman who could only view her escape from the responsibilities of herding her late husbands eccentric family as a gift straight from the gods.

No one is more surprised than Abby when Kipp asks for her hand instead of Edwardines. But she isnt stupid. Hes handsome, hes rich, and he will rescue her from a life of bear-leading her silly relatives. However, by the time Kipp figures out that he has fallen in love with his convenient wife, she has just walked out the door. Poor Kipp, he keeps trying to find SOMEONE TO LOVE.

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