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Guardian angels can pop up in the most unlikely places.

Lisa Kleypas found that out just after finishing her latest novel, SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME, when her South Texas home was flooded by torrential rains.

It was a real shock. Not living in a flood zone, we never expected it. We were out having breakfast and in the space of about three hours, the water rose so
much it covered the roof of the house.

Luckily, no one was harmed, but nearly all of the familys possessions were ruined, save for a few precious items,
and they were forced to build a new home. But just before the holiday season, an Avon writers group that meets online called the Avon Ladies joined forces to help Lisa and her family rebuild their lives.

I realized how very lucky I was to have this publishing house and these people as my friends. They all sent books to help me restock my research library. Julia Quinn sent over a Halloween costume for my son and just before Christmas, they started sending boxes of ornaments.

Ironically, the Avon Ladies warmth and compassion was similar to that of the hero in Lisas newest novel, set in late Regency-era London. Grant Morgan is a Bow Street Runner, a sort-of police investigator, called to investigate the odd near-drowning of a woman. The woman is Vivien Duvall, the most highly paid prostitute in all of England, and someone wants her dead.

To further complicate matters, Vivien has no recollection of her life. With no clues from her, Grant must protect Vivien and find the culprit on his own.

In her 14th release, Lisas vivid
characters and lushly sensual love scenes intertwine with an action-packed story that she hopes will delight readers.

Im really wondering how it will
be received. The book really has a lot
more action and theres some mystery thrown inmore so than any of my
previous books.

Lisa explains that the spark of inspiration for the book came from its hero and his unusual career. So many historicals feature a man whos born into his fortune and place in society, but Grants a man of action and that, to me, is so much more interesting than being lord

Perhaps the first-ever novel with a Bow Street Runner as hero, SOMEONE is one of the few historicals featuring a working man whose societal rank is determined by his professional success, not birthright.

When you look back at this period, there were hundreds of thousands of
people with jobs. I think its sexy and admirable to find a man whos done it
for himself.

Unique and unconventional to the last, Lisa didnt want to write a typical amnesia story. It seems that many times in these types of stories, the heroine doesnt spend any time thinking about this strange situation shes in. So I wanted Vivien to be very thoughtful and emotionally expressive about her circumstances. Shes also raised by her father who is very philosophical so she is very introspective and strong.

When the strong-minded and articulate Vivien clashes with the gruff-yet-tender Grant, fireworks arent far behind.
Fireworks are also sure to erupt in Lisas next book, when a millionaire railroad investor hires an aristocratic widow to teach him to be a gentleman.

I describe it as a cross between
My Fair Lady and Lady and the Tramp,
Lisa laughs. The fun is in watching these two interact. Scheduled for release in 2000, the book is tentatively titled When Dreams Begin and is dedicated to
The Avon Ladies, whose generosity and kindness have helped Lisa and her
family envision new dreams for their
own future.

You can write to Lisa Kleypas in care of Avon Books, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019.


She struggled to think past the pain and the distracting tremors. I was in the water She remembered how she had lost the battle for air and felt her lungs exploding, felt herself descending as if invisible hands pulled her from below. Someone pulled me out. Was it you?

No. A waterman found you and sent for a Runner. I happened to be the only one available tonight. His hand moved over her back in slow strokes. How did you end up in the river, Vivien?

Vivien? she repeated in desperate confusion. Why did you call me that?

Calm down, he said. Dont you know your own name?

NoI dont knowI cant remember anything

Long fingers slid gently over the
side of her face. Its all right. Dont be afraid.

Incredibly, though it was clear that nothing was right and there was a great deal to fear, she took comfort in his voice, his touch, his presence. His hands moved tenderly over her body, soothing her shaking limbs. Breathe, he said, his palm moving in circles on the middle of her chest. Hazily, she wondered if this was what it felt like when heavenly spirits visited to minister to the suffering . . .Yes, an angels touch must be like this.

My head hurts, she croaked. I feel so strange Have I gone mad? Where am I?

Rest, he said. Well sort everything out later. Just rest.

Tell me who you are, she begged in a hoarse whisper.

My name is Grant Morgan. Youre in my homeand youre safe.

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