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Song of the Warrior

A three-hankie read, SONG OF THE WARRIOR (my Zebra June Special Release) may also be the finest book of my career. Maybe that's the reason Zebra opted to give it a "big book" look with a spectacular embossed cover.

SONG OF THE WARRIOR is a well-researched epic saga of the Nez Perce Indians of the great Northwest. This tribe had always lived in peace and harmony with whites. However, in 1877, greedy whites tried to force Chief Joseph's people onto a miserable reservation.

In one of the bravest, saddest stories of Native American history, this handful of gallant Nez Perce decided to fight back. For 113 days, they battled the whole U.S. army as Chief Joseph's people fought their way across 1500 miles of wild, rugged terrain, attempting to reach the safety of Canada. They could not win, but they would not quit. Finally, as they camped in the Bear Paw Mountains, less than forty miles from the Canadian border, the Nez Perce were cut off in a surprise attack by the U.S. Cavalry. Many were killed, a few escaped under cover of darkness to Canada, the rest were sent to a reservation here in Oklahoma.

In the spring of 1994, I attended a Nez Perce ceremony for those who didn't survive that imprisonment and who will sleep forever in this foreign soil so far from their beloved homeland. It was the most moving event I have ever witnessed and this novel is dedicated both to Chief Joseph and to those who took part in this graveyard ceremony.

It was a Nez Perce custom that a man going into his final battle should sing a warrior's song. I have walked the isolated Bear Paw battle site while the wind sang, high and cold across the ground where brave men lie in unmarked graves. Perhaps it wasn't the wind at all, only ghosts.

SONG OF THE WARRIOR is more than a historical saga; it is a passionate love story; a triangle of two virile warrior brothers in love with the same woman.

Beautiful, dark-haired Willow has been reared back east and has returned to her mother's people to teach them the white men's ways. Torn between two civilizations and two handsome brothers, she will be swept along in the Nez Perce flight while escaping the lust of a ruthless cavalry officer who will stop at nothing to possess her.

I put my heart into this tale of hope, courage and sacrifice as Willow finally gets the happiness she deserves. I smiled through my tears as I finished the last page.

Trust me. I promise that you will, too.

I love to hear from my readers! Write to me c/o: PO Box 162, Edmond, OK 73013.

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