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Hailey Edwards

Genre: E-book, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Beauty and the Beast was my favorite cartoon when I was a little girl. Two facts from those days still hold true: Beast is hotter before he turns into Prince Adam, and I would marry the beast for his library. Floor to ceiling bookcases, spiral staircases, crackling fireplaces, all those books…

I was so jealous of Belle. She got a beautiful golden gown, talking furniture, and the library?

Until I saw that movie, I hadn’t realized that people could have libraries inside their homes. Sure I had thought about hiding out at my local library until closing time, then spending the night reading as many books as I could before they opened the next day. When I was that age, ten, they had a limit on how many books I could borrow at one time. Since I lived out in the country, trips to the library were rare. That meant I had to make my choices wisely or risk spending two weeks wishing I had snagged the battered copy of Bunnicula instead of Bridge to Terabithia.

Perhaps it was the revelation that in-home libraries existed, or perhaps it was the first Barnes and Noble opening down the street that did it, but I decided I wanted to spend my life surrounded by books. I began saving my allowance to buy copies of the books I loved the most or books that I was unable to find at the library. I remember the day my favorite librarian explained there were more books in the world than those on her shelves. More books even than Barnes and Noble had.

It was then that I decided I wanted to own my own bookstore.

Twenty years later, I never did open that bookstore.

But I did manage to turn my love of reading into the start of a career.

As a writer, I was able to use the passion I have for books and my lingering fascination with the idea of owning a store full of them to create a character that gets to live my childhood dream.

When I wrote Soul Weaver, I gave the heroine, Chloe, her own bookstore. Not only does she work there, but she lives in an apartment above it. Lucky girl, right? Not if you ask her. Chloe is agoraphobic. What I imagine as a paradise, she calls her cage. Her whole world revolves around her store until the day a smooth-talking carpenter arrives on her doorstep with a deal she can’t refuse and a sinful grin she can’t resist. Nathaniel is trouble with a capital T, and Chloe knows it.

Nathaniel may not be fanged or furred like Beast, but he has a dark side. And Chloe may be a step ahead of Belle in the owning-her-own-library category, but they share the determination to unravel their heroes’ secrets. What Chloe uncovers is deadlier than any secret Beast kept from Belle.

Loving Nathaniel comes at a high cost…and the price is Chloe’s soul (library not included).

- Hailey Edwards

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