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Caridad Pineiro


"Some people call them chick lit, but they're really about relationships," Caridad Pineiro says about her South Beach Chicas books, the second of which, South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man, is out this month from Downtown Press.

Pineiro credits the success of the first novel to the fact that readers connect with the characters and get involved in their lives. Her new release examines mother-daughter relationships in a way that the previous title did not, as Sylvia's mother, Virginia, sets out to help her daughter reconnect with her father -- and finds herself falling in love with him again. Since Sylvia blames her dad for her unwillingness to commit to a relationship, Virginia's news leads to some soul-searching for both women.

In addition to her Chicas books, Pineiro continues to write the popular Calling vampire novels for Silhouette Nocturne. While she says that her writing voice is the same across the board, the setting -- the Chicas are based in Miami, while the vamps call New York home -- makes a big difference in the tone of the books.

"Miami is light and happy -- it's a party town. Manhattan is darker and feels more anonymous," the New Jersey resident says.
Pineiro, whose Nocturnes reportedly have been selling briskly, promises that there will be at least three more Calling titles, plus a novella, at least one of which will be set in Miami. "It'll be a fun change of place," she says. "Can you imagine a vampire in South Beach?" -- Stephanie Klose

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