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Ive often heard authors speak of secondary characters who grab hold
of them and insist on having their own book.

I didnt know what they meant until I met Peter Everdean, the Earl of Clifton. He was meant to be the villain of Scandal in Venice, the wicked stepbrother who kept the heroine from following her own destiny. But he proved to be more complex than that. He was a tragic figure, a deeply scarred souland handsome besides. Very handsome. He deserved love, and
a second chance. But what woman could handle him?

That was when I met Carmen, the beautiful, adventurous, quick-witted Spanish countess. I knew that these two were meant for each otherdespite
what they may think.

Read on for an excerpt from my August historical, THE SPANISH BRIDE, available from Signet.

Carmen studied him in the moonlight, this stranger she had once known
so well. He was as beautiful as ever, an Apollo with hair as bright as winter sunlight, tall and elegantly slim. But there was something there that had not been six years ago. Deep lines bracketed his lovely mouth; his eyes were as flat and still as a millpond, no stirring of emotion at seeing her again. It was almost as if another soul had come to inhabit the body of the man she loved.

How could her Peter be behind those eyes?

I thought you were dead, she managed to say. They told me you
were killed that day.

I hope you enjoy meeting up with Peter Everdean again in THE SPANISH BRIDE! You can contact me at P.O. Box 444, Edmond, OK 73083, or e-mail me at

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