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A Tribute to Mom


A mother's love can inspire one to do so much. For American Title II finalist Theresa Meyers, it inspired her to write romance novels. Her first novel, The Spellbound Bride (which went by the title "The Devil's Maiden" during her American Title II days), is being released this month by Triskelion.

"This book is special to me. It was the last piece of my work my mother read before she passed away from breast cancer at age 52," Meyers reveals. "She had been in remission since age 43 but was unable to fight it off a second time. She was an absolute inspiration, and many people in Romance Writers of America remember Anna Emig Ronk, who was also an aspiring writer, with great fondness. Without her, I never would have overcome my dyslexia and learned to read. I was held back in second grade because I couldn't keep up, and that's when she knew, as an elementary teacher, if she didn't do something, no one would.

"She'd work with me for hours over simple two- and three-letter words, and read out loud to me almost every night, eventually turning it into reading together. She was a complete bibliophile and turned our dining room into a library to encourage my brother and me to read. When I was 14, she bought my first romance novel for me. By then, because of her, I had gone from a 'D' student in elementary school to an 'A' student in high school. I began writing my first novel at 17 as part of an elective that two other students and I arranged with our English teacher. For one class period everyday, I had to write. Typing was hard because my fingers always mixed up the letters and I had to think about every letter of every word and deliberately type it."

The desire to tell stories has never stopped. Meyers wrote for another 17 years before she sold a novel.

"Mother's Day is especially hard for me. And while this book is dedicated to my mother's memory, I want to do more. She was always helping other people, and I want to remember that," says Meyers. To honor her mother and help others, a portion of all proceeds from The Spellbound Bride will be donated to the Breast Cancer Prevention Fund, to assist women without health insurance in getting mammograms. "I've donated to this program on my own before, but now I hope you'll join me in this worthy cause."

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