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Catherine Asaro

Genre: Futuristic, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Author's Message

Catherine Asaro Presents SPHERICAL HARMONIC

Ever since I endured a long separation from the man I love, the romance in Spherical Harmonic has been percolating in my headand in my heart.

I met John while working on my doctorate at Harvard, where he was a post-doctoral fellow. Not long after we met, I mentioned how much I missed having a piano to play. When John told me he had one in storage, I invited him to put it in the office I had up at the observatory. I never expected him to do it; who would move a piano into an astrophysical observatory so a virtual stranger could play it after hours?

Imagine my surprise when I walked into my office and found his piano. A little yellow note on the front said, Here is a little something for you. John.

Although John proposed two weeks after we met, we were destined to be separated before the "and they lived happily ever after" part. Like many couples who pursue careers before family, we wound up living in different states in order to accept college faculty positions. For a young couple in love, those long separations were agonizing.

In this fourth novel in my Saga of the Skolian Empire, the Ruby Pharaoh is torn from her husband, Eldrin, during the Radiance War. To save her and their son from the invading forces, Eldrin, in true heroic tradition, pushes them into an escape corridor, letting himself be captured. So begins a long separation for all three of them. Now, finally, I get to bring the Ruby Pharaoh and Eldrin back together again. It isnt easy, and all isnt as it once was for the star-crossed couple. As I wrote this, though, the words flowed, and I again experienced the joy of reunion I felt when John and I were finally able to live under one roof.

Catherine loves to hear from readers and invites you to visit her website: You may write her at or P.O. Box 1302, Laurel, MD 20725.

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