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Earlene Fowler

Book Title: SPIDER WEB
Genre: Mystery, Amateur Sleuth, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Author's Message

Throughout the writing of my latest Benni Harper mystery, Spider Web, the mysterious images of spider webs were never far from my thoughts. Spider webs are as intricate and varied as quilt patterns making it an especially apt title for a plot that intertwines a Memory Festival, PTSD, WWII nurses, Vietnam veterans, Cane-fu (a type of martial arts for senior citizens), caretaker stress, photography and some humorous middle-age romance. Like one of those strong-as-steel, intricate webs, all of those subjects are connected in Spider Web.  

I am constantly reading and what comes out in many of my plots are the stories that emotionally move me, incidents and people I can't stop thinking about. Last year, I picked up by chance, an oral history book (We Band of Angels) about WWII nurses who were serving in the Philippines when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I was mesmerized by their stories. I started thinking about how we don't often recognize the heroes in our midst. Because my father has dementia, I'm often around groups of elderly men and women. It occurred to me how we often walk by someone in their eighties or nineties not realizing they might have been a nurse who saved many lives or a soldier who put his (or her!) life on the line for our freedom. In this book, I wanted to honor and thank our military women and men, let the world know we haven't forgotten them and that we will always be thankful for their courage and sacrifice.      

- Earlene Fowler

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