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Mary Jo Putney

Genre: General Mainstream Fiction, Mainstream

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How can you be real while living an unreal life?

This question always intrigues me when I look at celebrities. The world sees the larger than life image, yet these are also flesh-and-blood people with the same needs and worries we all have. Being famous doesnt mean you dont carry emotional scars from the past.

In addition, fame can produce incredible stresses, and nowhere is this more true than in show business. THE SPIRAL PATH is the story of estranged husband and wife actors trying to find their way back to each other despite the forces working to tear them apart.

First seen as minor characters in The Burning Point, Raine Marlowe and Kenzie Scott obviously cared deeply for each other. When THE SPIRAL PATH begins, theyre getting a divorce. RaineRainey to her close friendsis determined to succeed in a world that destroyed her mother, a famous rock singer.

After her marriage implodes, Rainey desperately wants to direct a Victorian-age movie. She needs financial backing to make her pictureand her soon-to-be-ex-husband is one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood.

Kenzie is British, charming, and secretive about his past. On the surface he and Rainey are very different, yet when they met, they were drawn together with the inevitability of opposite magnetic poles. But love wasnt enough when secrets and demanding careers came between them.

Kenzie reluctantly agrees to star in Raineys movie, and the two of them come together in the pressure cooker that is moviemaking. Their weeks shooting in New Mexico and England will strip them to the marrow emotionally, work them both to exhaustion, and maybejust maybeallow them to forge a relationship that will never crack again.

I had great fun researching THE SPIRAL PATH, which included visits to a movie being filmed in my hometown of Baltimore. But that was just background to the story of two real, hurting people who find their true home in each other. My favorite kind of romance!

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