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If youve ever believed that authors just manipulate their characters like pieces on a chessboard, think again. The characters in SPIRITS SONG definitely had their own ideas about how the book should progress. For one thing, the man I thought would be the hero refused to play the part, then the man I thought would be the bad guy flat out refused to be bad. The heroine was the only one who didnt give me any trouble!

Then I got stuck midway through the book. I was about to toss the whole thing in the trash when I met a guy on-line who just happened to be an honest-to-goodness Apache Indianand a writer. Well, bless his heart, SpiritWalker gave me a couple of ideas, pointed me in the right direction and in no time at all, the book was finished!

My hero, a half-Indian, bounty hunter from the Black Hills, turned out to be a bad guy after all, only to realize hes actually a good guy. But of course thats only because my heroine, an escaped wife, had no trouble changing his entire direction in life. (Good thing one of us could do it.)

My editor, Alicia Condon, who is without doubt one of the very best editors in the whole wide world, said SPIRITS SONG is spectacular, one of my best yet! And shes never wrong.

Speaking of being on-line, Ive become quite addicted, even ventured into making web pages featuring my latest novels and sneak peeks at works in progress. If youre ever wandering the web, come see me at:

Meanwhile, my alter ego Amanda Ashley is currently working on a sequel to Shades of Gray. This will be Edwards story. However, she told me in confidence that the real reason she decided to do a sequel was so she could visit Grigori again.

Hope you all have a great year filled
with wonderful books and memories.


Touch me, Jesse said, his voice
whisper soft. I need to feel your touch. Just once.

She looked into his eyes and knew
she couldnt refuse his request, or deny
the urgings of her own heart. Gently,
she caressed his right cheek, her fingertips trailing down his neck, over his shoulder, down his arm.

A sigh escaped Jesses lips and then, unable to resist, he bent his head and kissed her.

For a moment, their gazes met and then, with a sigh, Kaylynn closed her
eyes, the wonder of his touch swallowing her fear.

It was a moment steeped in magic
and sunlight. The rest of the world fell away and she felt herself being reborn
in Jesse Yellow Thunders arms. She felt his spirit touching hers, felt his need, his loneliness, and she knew, in the deepest part of her being, that this man would never hurt her, never belittle her, never make her feel worthless. He would live for her and die for her.

SPIRIT'S SONG Free Book Giveway

I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to write me, either by snail mail or e-mail. I love hearing from you.

I wish I could send you all free copies of SPIRITS SONG (Leisure, March 99). While thats impossible, the first ten people to send me a post card with the words YELLOW THUNDER
on it will get an autographed copy.

To make it fair, e-mails will not be considered mail in this instance. Postmarks will determine the winners.
If youd like a bookmark of Pinos gorgeous cover, please
send an SASE to P.O. Box 1703, Whittier, CA 90609-1703.

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