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Christine Dorsey

Book Title: SPLENDOR
Genre: Continental Locales, Historical Romance

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Once upon a time...As a child these words began all my favorite stories. So when I grew up and became a writer, it was only natural that I gravitated toward romance. Where else could I create my own tales of happy endings?

But it wasn't till SPLENDOR, my February '96 lead title from Zebra, that I actually wrote my own fairy tale. SPLENDOR begins with the magical words, "Once upon a time," and ends with, of course, "they lived happily ever after."

In between is a story Romantic Times calls "enchanting, a feast for the senses."

Queen Cassandra, the ruler of Breslovia is young and beautiful, but alas married to Grand Duke Albert, who, along with his brother Cardinal Sinzen, has his own evil agenda for Breslovia and the queen.

Enter Maximilian Hawke, a most unlikely hero...

Max is the third son of a British noble, a man drummed out of His Majesty's army. A man who can't afford to jeopardize his last chance to prove himself. He's the perfect military advisor for Breslovia...or so the Grand Duke thinks.

But the Grand Duke doesn't know about Max and the Queen...

Blinking water from her eyes Cassandra scanned the area. The moon was full tonight, gilding the feathery willow trees that lined the glistening pool at the base of the falls. Somewhere in the night an owl hooted, and Cassandra let out her breath. She was letting fantasy blur the sharp edges of reality as the mist softened the landscape. There was no one here.

No one knew of the secret tunnel save her. She was safe.

Yet the feeling that eyes followed her every move would not dissipate.

And then she saw him.

Cassandra stood still, as still as he, wondering if the stranger was real or another vision conjured up by her mind. Tall and muscularly built, he leaned against an oak trunk near the reed beds by the pool's edge. Moonlight blazed the loose throated white shirt he wore, and caught the shine of his boots. His face was in shadow, but she could sense his eyes...

No, the Grand Duke knows nothing of Max's seduction of the Queen and even less of the fact that he is falling in love with her. He also underestimates Cassandra herself.

Okay, so I made my heroine stronger and smarter than most fairy tale princesses. SPLENDOR is not exactly like the fairy tales of my childhood. But over the years I've learned women can do a lot more than wait around to see if the slipper fits.

I hope you enjoy SPLENDOR (41/2 rating, RT). Look for THE RENEGADE AND THE ROSE, a lead title from Zebra in Sept. '96. The Highlands will never be the same.

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