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Tamar Myers

Genre: Humorous, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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"SPLENDOR IN THE GLASS is the first of the Den of Antiquity mystery series to be set in Charleston, South Carolina, and the city itself is a character. The cobblestone streets, the colonial architecture, the myriad of secret gardens, each with their own splashing fountain, horse-drawn carriages, spreading oaks festooned with Spanish Moss—this is a city quite unlike any other. Which other municipality can boast of a public park where 49 pirates were hanged in one year? Or a headless ghost who crawls into bed with unsuspecting female tourists? Throw in some of the finest restaurants in the country, and the best fresh shrimp anywhere, and it's no wonder God takes his vacations in what is fondly called the Holy City.

"Abigail Timberlake is thrilled to have purchased a new Den of Antiquity (the name of her antique store) in this historic city on fabulous King Street. She is even more thrilled when the doyenne of Charleston society invites her to tea at a fabulous mansion on the Battery. But Abigail's dreams of climbing right into the social register are shattered—when her influential hostess topples over dead only an hour after our heroine returns home.

"And why would anyone in Charleston suspect the antiques dealer of murder? The deceased doyenne had asked Abigail to broker a fabulous Lalique collection and had, in fact, given her a piece of the exquisite glass as a present. But by the time the murdered matron is discovered, the remaining collection has been smashed to smithereens. While there isn't a shard of truth to the rumors that Abigail is guilty, unless she can clear her name of suspicion, Abby doesn't stand a chance of putting her petite pumps even a single rung higher on Charleston's slippery social ladder!"

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