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When I sat down to write The Spy Who Loved Her, it was like visiting old friends. It is the third book in my Once Upon an Accident series which started with The Accidental Countess and continued with Lessons in Seduction. I had gotten to know both Daniel and Anna through the first two books and knew from the start of the series they would be my third book. Readers were attached to Daniel and Anna because it was pretty obvious they both had feelings for each other. Daniel seemed to be a rogue, a man without a care. I knew there was more there. He might make the world think he was nothing but a lazy member of the ton, but Daniel hides a secret: his family has served for years as spies for the crown. Since his father was killed in the line of duty, he vowed never to marry. The one complication is his love for his best friend's sister, Lady Anna.
Anna made a major mistake a few years ago and has been doing her best to make up for it these past few years through her work at the orphanage. She has no idea that the one man she has always wanted is in love with her, but one accidental run in and Anna becomes the target of a killer set on revenge against Daniel's family. The one person Daniel had always wanted to protect now was in harm's way because of a vendetta against his family.
Historical romance is my favorite romance to read and ranks pretty high on my scale to write. I have a degree in history so I already have a love of all things old, which explains why I love my husband so much. But, I digress. 
As I said, I love historicals. So, when I write these, it is like stepping back into one of the great loves of my life. It was easy to enjoy composing Anna and Daniel's story. These two were so much fun to write. Friends to lovers, especially when the heroine is the hero's best friend's little sister, is one of my favorite things to read and to write. It was wonderful to watch as they discovered the true depths of their feelings and watch them fall in love with the people they were, not the person they showed the world. I knew from the start of the series they had feelings for each other, but being privy to the private feelings was probably one of the most wonderful experiences I have had as a writer.
I hope that readers who waited for their story love it as much as I do!

- Melissa Schroeder

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