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Over the past year, we've had our share of sad news about the state of the Regency romance. With the demise of the traditional lines from Signet and Zebra, many beloved authors are no longer easy to find. Now one of those authors is moving into longer-length historicals while staying true to her Regency voice. Andrea Pickens, a past recipient of RT's Career Achievement Award in Regency Romance, presents the first in a new trilogy this month with The Spy Wore Silk, (Warner Forever).

"After watching all the old James Bond movies for more times than I care to count, I began to think -- why is it that the boys get to have all the fun? They always get to be the spies or the pirates," says Pickens. "So, I decided
to turn tradition on its ear and create a trio of leading ladies capable of beating the men at their own game."

And thus was born Mrs. Merlin's Academy for Select Young Ladies. Former orphans from London's toughest slums, these women are now experts in the arts of swordplay and seduction. Bold, beautiful and dangerous, they are England's ultimate secret weapons -- spies who are undaunted by any mission and women no man can resist.

Pickens chose to set her trilogy in Regency England because she finds
the era richly romantic. It was a world draped in silks, seduction and the intrigue of the Napoleonic Wars --
a time when old ideas were constantly clashing with radical new ones. What better place, she says, for an unconventional female to test her mettle?

In The Spy Wore Silk, Siena receives a dangerous assignment: unmask a clever traitor lurking among London's wealthiest peers before he strikes again. Her only clue is that the man she seeks belongs to an exclusive club of art collectors. Armed with her wits, her blades and her body, she journeys to a remote castle, where the club's members have gathered for
a special auction. However, her prime suspect, the enigmatic Earl of Kirtland, proves a far more challenging opponent that she ever imagined.

Is she a match for his steel?

Readers will find this duel of dangerous deceptions and desires a textbook example of passion, adventure and romance.

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