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Sara Douglass

Book Title: STARMAN
Genre: General Fantasy, Fantasy

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As a teenager and young adult, I had loved fantasy; as an adult, I found myself increasingly frustrated by the fantasy that was available. I read fantasy for the high adventure, the mystery, the magic and the sense
of a great, and often unexplained, purpose to life. True, I found that in many books, but what I found lacking was "grit" and, often, any good character development. Worse was the plethora of teenage heroes "coming of age" on their lengthy quests. I was in my twenties and then my thirties; I no longer identified with teen coming-of-age books. Life is wonderful and it is beautiful, but it also can be very painful; having endured my fair share
of life's tragedies, I wanted some fantasy that reflected this.

Thus was born The Wayfarer Redemption. It includes everything I enjoy about fantasy and everything I had wanted to find in fantasy, and was unable to: love that is a combination of the exquisitely uplifting and the tragic; love that produces children (how is it that in all those long quests and long lingering looks across the camp fires no one ever got pregnant or even consummated their passion?); a hero who, though the epitome of the great leader, still makes fatal errors; women with strength and determination, and the ability to be anything but the insipid, pretty side-kicks to the golden questing heroes—a scenario all too common in fantasy.

Added to this is my own quirky sense of humor (who can resist the constantly bickering Ogden and Veremund, or fail to giggle when the great demon Qeteb is outwitted by a rabbit?), my love of the mythic, and my habit of throwing in plot surprises just when the reader thinks they know where both characters and story are heading. There you have the six books of The Wayfarer Redemption—available now are Battleaxe, Enchanter, and Starman (hardcover). I hope you enjoy them (and watch out for that rabbit).

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