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There's no question about it: In a fight, Retriever Wren Valere would beat Buffy the Vampire Slayer to a pulp. After all, not only is she a tough cookie, Wren has magic on her side. In Laura Anne Gilman's first Luna novel, Staying Dead, readers are introduced to the sarcastic Wren, a Manhattan night owl who specializes in finding missing things. With the help of a minor demon, a crazy mage and her business partner and love interest Sergei, she's tracking down
a magical cornerstone when she runs into "complications."

Gilman's novel has garnered high praise and more than a few favorable comparisons to Joss Whedon's former TV heroine. It might annoy some writers, but Gilman herself is a huge Buffy fan—with co-author Josepha Sherman, she penned two TV tie-in novels for Pocket. But her experience shaped her dialogue more than her characters, she says. "Wren is almost an anti-Buffy. She doesn't want a normal life, and she very much doesn't want to get into fights. Get in, get the job done, go home and have a drink."

As a former literary agent assistant and editorial assistant at Roc, Gilman knows the business inside and out. "Now I'm 75% writer and only 25% editor, but I know what's going on in the publisher's office, so I know what to worry about and what I might as well just hand over to fate. It saves me some agita along the way." Luckily for readers, Wren has no such luck.
In Curse the Dark (July 2005), more trouble is heading the Retriever's way, Gilman says. "Sergei accepts a job for
Wren that he probably shouldn't, and dark forces are
starting to creep into Manhattan. More so than usual, I mean."

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