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Stealing Heaven

Have you ever received a birthday present and you weren't quite sure what to do with it? A pair of dangling earrings with enough fruit to satisfy Carmen Miranda? A purse so small you need tweezers to get your lipstick out? And have you noticed that the oddest presents (and often the most precious ones) usually come from your own child?

Most parents have had at least one experience opening a gift beneath the eager gaze of their offspring, trying valiantly to figure out what they're supposed to do with it.

In Stealing Heaven, I decided to saddle my hero, Regency rakehell Sir Aidan Kane, with something far worse. Enter-The Birthday Present from Hell.

Imagine a rakehell who has one stark vulnerability in his life-Cassandra, a teenage daughter he keeps tucked in a remote castle by the Irish Sea. A child he has spoiled and overprotected, especially from tales of a dark scandal regarding her mother and the grim reality of his own black reputation. Imagine what might happen if this rakehell arrived home on his birthday to discover that Cassandra's present for him is arriving by coach any moment.

The present? A wife! Worse still, Cassandra has lured the woman to Ireland under false pretenses, painting her father as a sensitive widower desperate for companionship. Horrified and downright furious, Aidan is in a roaring bad temper by the time Norah Linton steps from the coach-an honorable woman who has dared take the risk of falling in love with the man in Cassandra's letters.

Aidan has no choice but to bring Norah into his home, but winds up settling her into his first wife's bedroom-a chamber that seems to hold a hundred secrets about Cassandra's dead mother. Norah is humiliated by her mistake in coming to Ireland and haunted by hints that Aidan murdered his wife. She is determined to escape. But Cassandra is determined to see them wed. With the help of an enchanted castle ruin, a fairy-ring and a gypsy love potion Aidan and Norah eventually discover the magic and beauty in each other.

Look for my next Pocket historical, GATHER THE STARS in early '96! n

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