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Elisabeth Naughton

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Elisabeth Naughton


Some may not think that science is cool, but maybe that's because they don't know Elisabeth Naughton. A former junior high science teacher, Naughton has used her love of earth
sciences, geography and archeology to create a trilogy of action-adventure romances for Dorchester.

"I have always loved archeology and finding treasure," says Naughton, the author of this month's Stolen Heat, a sequel to January's Stolen Fury. "My favorite movies are Romancing the Stone and Indiana Jones,
where people are searching for something. When I sat
down to write Stolen Fury, I thought about what I love."

Archeology combined with one of her other loves, ancient mythology (Greek and Egyptian), has given her plenty to mine as her characters seek out old artifacts, uncover deadly art deals and of course, find love. In Stolen Heat, Peter Kauffman, whom fans met in book
one, discovers that his former lover, Katherine Meyer, whom he thought had died in a car bombing, is alive and well. (Trilogy ender Stolen Seduction will include characters from all of the Stolen books and will be released in January 2010.)

"I think that there's a whole mystery surrounding archeology and the treasure-quest genre. I think everybody thinks how cool it would be to find treasure," says Naughton, adding that many people have it in the back
of their minds to "go on an adventure."

She continues, "I think what's cool about adventure stories like these is that it's a race; it's a chance to get there before the bad guys. These kinds of books are fun because the pacing is so fast and you don't know who'll get there first."

While the Stolen books have cemented Naughton as a rising romantic suspense star, Marked, the launch title in her Eternal Guardians series, may do the same in the paranormal universe.

Naughton admits that she hadn't intentionally planned to switch genres so soon. "Before Stolen Fury had sold, I had a story idea about heroes from Greek mythology, like Hercules and Odysseus, who went on these great quests. ... And I thought, what would it be like if these heroes created their own race; where would they be?" Find out when Marked hits store shelves in May 2010.

-- Faygie Levy

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