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STOLEN WISHES is a story about love, honor and commitment?family bonds that are far more powerful than mere genetics.

In 1888, at age 13, Mary Goode lost her parents to a virulent fever. She promised her dying mother she would assume responsibility for her older brother Robin, a man with what we now call Down?s Syndrome. When Mary learns Robin was taken to an institution, she vows to rescue him.

Meanwhile, Robin has assumed the lead role of their father?s favorite story, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. Two fellow inmates have also taken enthusiastic roles in his fantasy world?a giant Cherokee is ?Little John,? and an aging midget assumes the role of ?Friar Tuck.?

Mary, dubbed Maid Marian, takes all three men into Indian Territory, where they build a cabin. Eight years pass. Unbeknownst to her, Robin and his band of misfits have been stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. U.S. Marshal Shane Latimer uncovers their hideout, but before he can take action he?s bitten by a rattlesnake. Maid Marian nurses him back to health.

Until Shane can determine who?s running this eccentric band of thieves, he has no choice but to feign amnesia and play along. He has to learn if the beautiful woman who saved his life and haunts his dreams is really a notorious outlaw. Here?s an excerpt:

Mary floated on a cloud of sensation. Strange and powerful urges oozed through her as she inched closer to Will. The feel of his work-roughened fingers against the back of her neck sent hot rivulets trickling down her spine, igniting every inch of her to a fever pitch.

She didn?t allow herself to think?only to want. To need.? She wanted
to smell him, touch him, taste him. Nothing else mattered except finding his lips with her own. Nothing.

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