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Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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The idea for STORM WARNING came to me one night in the middle of a dream about something else. You know how dreams are, indiscriminately jumping from one scenario to another without care for rhyme or reason. The intensity of the story stayed with me, even after I was awake. I remember shivering in horror as I quickly wrote down the thoughts still in my head.

Thoughts of seven little girls in a private school. Seven special children who were chosen to be in a separate class for reasons unknown to them. Children who were just learning to love and trust people outside the boundaries of their familes. Children who were experiencing the first bonds of friendship and still innocent enough to believe that they would live forever. Still naive enough to think that the people into whose hands they had been entrusted could never be the ones who would betray them most. And because of their innocence, for one hour a week, without their parents consent, they became pawns in the agenda of a man they knew only as Teacher.

Years later, the seven little girls would grow into strong, productive women. And they would begin to dieby their own hands

The first thing Sully heard on the tape was the thunder, distant but distinct. Then the chimes began, deep tone upon deep tone, then clearer and higher, as if moving up a musical scale. The series repeated itself three times before the tape went blank.

Doesnt make much sense, does it? Sully said. Just some thunder and a funky doorbell that nobody answers.

I know. Thats whats so damned frustrating, Dan said. So let Ginny hear it, okay? Maybe itll mean something. Maybe it wont. I dont see how it could hurt.

Yes, all right but I

Sully glanced across the room and forgot what hed been saying. There was something about the way Ginny was sitting that didnt seem right.


Her eyes were closed, her chin resting on her chest, and there was a kind of tension in her posture, as if she was waiting.

Oh hell, Sully muttered, thrusting the tape recorder at Dan as he bolted across the room. He went down on his knees and looked into Ginnys face. Dan! Get over here! Now! Sully grabbed her by both arms. When had this happened? Even morewhat in hell had they just done?


He shook her just a little and she slumped forward on his chest.

Dan grabbed his shoulder. Whats wrong?

You tell me! Sully shouted, and yanked Ginny to her feet. Ginny! Ginny! Wake up! For the love of God, wake up!

Ginnys head rolled on her neck like a limp rag doll. Sully shook her again, then put a hand on either side of her face and began to yell.

Ginny! Ginny! Wake up!

To his everlasting relief, her eyelids fluttered, but when they finally opened, his relief was short-lived. Her expression was empty.

Sweet Jesus, he whispered. Hed never been so scared in his life. Then his survival instincts took over and his fear slid into second gear. Virginia! Look at me, damn it! Open your eyes! Its over. Whatever happened to you is over! Do you hear me?

She blinked once, then tiwce, and Sully knew the moment reality surfaced because he saw it in her eyes.


Ah God, he muttered, and wrapped her tight within his arms. His hands were shaking, his heart thundering in his chest.

Theyd fooled around with something they didnt understand and almost lost her without knowing why. Im sorry. Im sorry. I swear to God, honey, we didnt know.

Know what? Ginny asked. When are you going to let me hear the tape?
Dan whistled between his teeth and then slowly shook his head. I think you just did.

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