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Strands of Gold

In the Demon Prince's spinoff, Strands of Gold, Lord Dane Haversin is just as deliciously tormented as the Demon Prince. Three years before the story begins, he has lost his beloved wife and unborn son. To make matters even worse, Dane knows he played an active part in that loss, when a Moondancer sorceress forced him to make a choice between his wife and his people.

That choice, bereft of options as it was, haunts him still. It also, to the heroine's deep concern, turns him against all Moondancers and the king who Dane suspects supports the evil doings of these omnipotent sorceresses. But then, it should cause the lovely Arien deep concern. She is, after all, the daughter of that very king, and a Moondancer sorceress in her own right. Yet Arien can no more turn from Dane and the terrible fate awaiting him, than she can turn from the increasingly worsening plight of her people. Not that she really has any choice in the matter, the realm's last remaining dwarf stoutly informs her. Dane Haversin, after all, is her destiny, the man of her heart.

Oh, did I forget to mention Strands of Gold is a faery tale romance, one of several that Dorchester Publishing has released in the past year or so? All faery tale romances have titles descriptive of the faery tale theme. Most of the authors, however, have also picked faery tales that translate into easily recognizable titles suitable for a romance novel. Not so with my faery tale, whose theme is Rumpelstiltskin.

Hence the title, Strands of Gold. You know...Rumpelstiltskin... spinning straw into strands of gold... which the story's smart-mouthed, sarcastic dwarf, by the way, can do. He also wields a darker form of magic than Arien is permitted to perform. It is a magic she desperately needs, however, to rescue Dane from the clutches of her evil sister. Enter the dwarf who, being a rather opportunistic little creature, demands the promise of a favor from Arien in return, a favor that will come to torment her, threatening not only her life and future happiness with Dane, but the welfare of her kingdom as well.

Strands of Gold is a first lead, December 1997 release in Dorchester's Love Spell line. (That translates, by the way, to it arriving on the bookshelves about mid-November). Meanwhile, for those of you who've yet to read Demon Prince, it's being reissued in November. There's no faery tale theme in Demon Prince. There is, though, a smart-mouthed, sarcastic, telepathic warhorse named Lucifer...

For an autographed bookmark of Strands, please write to me at P.O. Box 62365, Colorado Springs, CO 80962. An SASE is appreciated.

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