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NOT QUITE MYSTERY, Not Quite Romance

Alice Duncan walks the line to create a spirited new series set in 1930s Hollywood

Desdemona Majesty, aka Daisy Gumm, puts the "con" in conjurer… At least, that's what she tells herself in her new occupation as a spiritualist to the rich and famous in author Alice Duncan's latest release from Zebra, STRONG SPIRITS, set in Hollywood during the rip-roaring '20s, when the rebellious "Lost Generation" was in its heyday. Daisy conducts séances for the abundantly wealthy Mrs. Kincaid. And although Daisy does possess the "gift," she acknowledges that she is in fact "conning" the elderly woman, who wishes to speak to her sister's dead son, Bartholomew.

"The truth is," Duncan says, "that I tried to sell STRONG SPIRITS as the first book in a series of historical mysteries—but my editor made me take out the dead bodies." Corpses notwithstanding, what remains is the launch of an
eerie new series that are "not-quite-mysteries, not-quite romances."
The 20-year-old heroine, who tells the story in the first person, is utilizing her abilities so that she may make a home for herself and her husband, who was injured during the Great War. However, a detective on the scene suspects Daisy of dire dealings against the auspicious Kincaid clan and will do what he must to strengthen his case.

Next up for Duncan is FINE SPIRITS (July, '03), which continues Daisy's non-category-specific story. Look out for a wealthy widow who breeds dachshunds; a runaway rich girl (another Lost Generation recruit perhaps?) and a gentlemanly bookstore owner.

No other books are slated for release, but depending on sales and reader response, we just might be "seeing" a lot more of Daisy in the future.

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